How it works

In summary

Imagine having a secure virtual place that enables you to travel in the future to communicate and share everything that you wish with the people you love: letters, poems, stories, video-messages, audio-messages etc.

Imagine being able to act in space and time, at you leisure.

Perhaps you wish to dedicate a video-message to your grandchild on his 50th birthday?

Or you may wish to receive, on your 25 years wedding anniversary, the photos that other people are shooting today while you are getting married.  

Now you can!

The first step is to create a free profile on Eternia. Then you can recreate your relations by contacting the people you love. Then you will choose your trustees, who will be responsible to release your profile in the future, to share its contents and deliver the messages that you have prepared. Lastly you can create the messages that you wish to send, in the form of texts, photos and videos and plan, at you leisure, the delivery dates and methods. The basic profile is free for ever, and can be extended according to your needs. There are paying profiles, with credits system, which provide more services and/or features.     

You can plan actions that will take place in the future. You will also receive messages that someone has sent to you years before, according to a set date, in correspondence on how you feel or on the occasion of an important event such as your birthday.

You will have a safe space to transfer your passwords, to declare your last wills or to explain in detail how to take care of your animals etc.

You can reveal secrets that you have preferred not to share when alive.  In the same way you will have the chance to tell experiences and fantasies that you wouldn’t ever have told in person.

You can do all this in absolute safety, because the portal will ensure that all your data will be kept by an advanced security system. They will remain your property and will never be sold to third parties.



How it works


1. Create your profile

The creation of your profile is completely free and it is the first step to generate your eternal virtual identity. In the choice of the contents, select your most significant photos and videos and use your diary pages as if they were ancient sheets, precious, on which to record the essence of all that you wish to share.

In the choice of your representation sentence, we also invite you to choose a sentence, an aphorism that represent yourself or that expresses in summary what you want to communicate to others.


2. Create your relations

The second step will be recreating your most important relations on Eternia, to be able to share your experiences with your loved ones.

Contact people with whom you wish to share your wonderful journey called life.


3. Choose your trustees

The third step consists in defining, amongst the people you trust, three trustees. Select them with the highest conscience because they will be your guarantors in the future, and will be the only ones who will have the ability to unlock your profile.


4. Create your FUEL (Future Elements)

Once you have done these fundamental steps, to make your eternal virtual identity effective, you can start to prepare your messages in the form of texts, audio, images or video. We have called FuEL (Future Elements). 

The FuEL, will empower you to dedicate everything that you wish to the people you love.

In addition to an area for the creation of the FuEL, you will have an area that will enable you to view the FuEL that others have dedicated to you and to monitor those that you have already sent.


5. Keep in your Secure Box **

In addition to the dedication of multimedia material and sending FUELs, Eternia provides you with a "safe"  area in which all the contents are automatically encrypted with AES 128-bit technology ***:


·        Digital Testament

This is where to declare your last wishes in terms of digital testament (password storage, banking codes, secret codes, etc.) and to indicate the recipients to whom send them.


·        Biological Testament

In this space you can declare your last wills, both in terms of biological testament, in the strict sense, (the so-called early declaration of treatment), and in terms of how you wish that your assets, documents, personal spaces must be treated.


·        My Fantasies

Dreams, stories, and poetry. Fantasies, desires and reflections. Or thoughts, emotions and sensations that for modesty, shame, or fear of judgment, you have never shared, even if you'd like to do so.

       Here is another space to reveal yourself.


·        My Secrets

Do you have any secrets that you would like to share but you have never had the courage to do so?

Do you have confessions that you would like to reveal but still there aren’t the conditions to do it?      

If you have any information, stories, or secret stories that one day you will have the need to share… this is the area that you're looking for!

All data entered in this area will be stored in encrypted form so that no one can access your data without the ETN code automatically generated by Eternia.


6. Keep in your Memory Box


·        Things I have never said

This area is dedicated to everything that you wanted to say, but for reasons of context, character, or for any other reasons you were not able, or wanted to share.

Don't leave anything pending. This area will give you the opportunity to reveal yourself, by communicating what you wanted to say, without fear.


·        Pet care instructions

We know it! You are the only one who deeply knows how take care of your animals!

And it is for this specific reason that we have created an area with the purpose of explaining how to ensure your puppies the care they deserve!

Spend a little time on this cause; your puppies will be grateful!


·        Personal Letters

The letters in the drawer, of whatever nature they may be, such as of love, friendship, or criticism, could finally be delivered. Finally you can dedicate your letters to whoever you wish. Remember that each undelivered letter is a lost opportunity to share with someone.


7. My Diary

Your eternal diary today is possible. In this area you will have the opportunity to write a diary where every word that you will write will remain engraved forever. Finally your thought will leave an indelible mark.


8. Contribute to the social sphere


Eternia is also committed in the social field, through Eternia Project. In this section, there are different questionnaires on various topics, ranging from medicine to sociology, from psychology to economy.

From time to time you will be invited to answer the questions that we are asking, in the awareness that the collected data will be used to carry out the researches, which have the objective of building the information assets of the human race.

One of the main objectives of Eternia Project is, in fact, to record, store and transmit the information assets of humanity in terms of information, opinions, customs and traditions of the common man.


These are, in summary, the characteristics of the portal.

Remember, your profile will remain sheathed until you are alive; until that moment nobody will access your contents.

When your profile will be unlocked, everything that you will have prepared will be activated…

and your presence will have no more spatial-temporal limits!

Bon voyage!


** The services listed in the Secure Box are not intended to replace or duplicate legal wills, therefore do not replace any "Legal Wills" signed before a notary or the "Holographic Wills". These services are simply indications of the will. In any case, please follow the laws of the country of residence.


*** In cryptography, the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), also known as Rijndael, which more properly it is a specific implementation, is a cipher algorithm used as a standard by the Government of the United States of America. AES has been adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the US FIPS PUB in 2002 after 5 years of studies, standardizations and final selection among the various algorithms proposed. Currently an exhaustive search is impractical: the 128-bit key produces 3.4 • 1038 different combinations. One of the best brute force attacks was carried out by the project on a 64-bit key for the RC5 algorithm; the attack took almost five years, using the leisure time of thousands of CPU volunteers. Even considering that the power of the computer increases over time, it will take a long time before a 128-bit key could be attacked with the brute force method.