General Questions

What is Eternia?

Eternia is a web portal that allows you to:

  • Create a profile, to extend your identity in the future;

  • Recreate your most important relationships, in order to share contents (in the form of text, audio, photos and videos);

  • Deliver messages in the future, called FUEL (Future Elements);

  • Contribute to the information heritage of Mankind.

How was the idea of Eternia born?

Eternia is born from the idea of Giordano to re-think the identity of the man projected into the future. On this intuition, the founder has gathered a network of professionals to experiment with solutions, services, hypothesis and real models for the immortality of the virtual identity.

Who is the team of Eternia?

The team of Eternia was formed by Giordano to create tools and solutions capable of projecting the identity of the man in the future. It is formed by professionals from various fields (philosophers, artists, psychologists, computer scientists, graphic designers, economists) united by the goal of making the emotional and identity heritage of the man immortal.

What do I need to be able to use Eternia?

To be able to use Eternia, you need to have a computer connected to Internet, register your personal account on the website and it’s all done.

Is it free to create a profile on Eternia?

Yes, create an account on Eternia is free. Once registered, you will have a number of credits which will allow you to experiment all the services provided.

When you have finished the initial credits you will be able to buy packages of credits. All packages of credits can be purchased at any time and as often as you like. The available credits do not expire and you can spend them whenever you wish to use the various services of Eternia.

How do you ensure my "eternity"?

The project is ambitious and delicate: guarantee it is not easy! This is why the team of Eternia works hard for its development and its sustainability.

With this in mind, the team of Eternia is building a sustainable business model that ensures archiving, retention, actions in the future and security of data, for as long as possible.

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Why Eternia is not a Social Network? What are the differences between Eternia and the Social Networks?

We are aware of the possible similarity, at first sight, between Eternia and a Social Network.

However, the differences between Eternia and the Social Networks are so numerous that we think that Eternia should rather be considered as a Personal Network.

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How do I create my profile on Eternia?

To access the services on the site you need to register. After accessing the homepage of Eternia, fill in the fields of the registration form. You will be asked first to enter your email address, which will be your "username" on Eternia, and a password.

Then, you will have to enter your name and last name that, for regulation of Eternia, must correspond to your real name and surname. In Eternia pseudonyms are not accepted.

You will be asked for more personal information necessary to identify yourself and be found by the people who know you and you will be able to upload a picture of your profile.

What is the minimum age to be a member of Eternia?

An account of Eternia can be created only by persons legally recognized, who are over 18 years old.

For the account that is created by a user who is not an adult, the Team of Eternia reserves the right to carry out inspections and provide for the total cancellation of the account with no refund of any amount spent in the purchase of credits or services.

What kind of materials and contents can I enter and share with my profile in Eternia?

Eternia allows you to enter and share materials in the form of text, pictures, audio and video. For all the materials that you post, you can establish to which users, among those in your circle of relationships, is the access allowed.

Can I edit or delete a content once inserted?

Sure. You can always delete an inserted content and it is generally possible to modify most of the contents. Only for some special contents is, at this stage, no change allowed, but only the deletion.

By clicking on the button "edit" you can change the inserted content, while by clicking on the button "delete" you'll delete it permanently.

What kind of services can I get with my profile?

Through the configuration of your account, you will be able to create relations, plan FUELs, add and store content and materials to deliver to your closer relations.

In particular you will be given the opportunity to enter and share in time with whoever you wish:

  • photo galleries, audio clips, video-messages, writings of every type; letters and personal documents;

  • biological wills and digital testament;

  • what you haven't yet told, fantasies, secrets;

  • indications about the care of your pet.

In addition, you can schedule messages to your related users which should only be opened in the future and on the conditions that you have set.

What are the FUELs and how can I create them?

The FUELs (Future Elements) are messages that you can create from your profile and dedicate to the people related to you and which will be opened on certain conditions or events.

The FUELs are essentially text messages to which you can attach files of various formats: texts, audios, photos, videos.

Create a FUEL is quite simple: from your profile simply click on the button "create new FUEL" and fill in the various fields that will define the characteristics of the event.

Each FUEL can be set by choosing one of the following options:

  • ForeverFUEL: is a FUEL that can be opened regardless you're alive or you're dead. Therefore it should be set up as a message that, depending on the triggering event that you will establish later, can be opened by the recipient in any case.

  • PostFUEL: is a FUEL message that can only be opened after your death. Therefore it should be set up as a message that the recipient will read only if you, on that specific date or occasion, are gone.

  • EgoFUEL: it is a FUEL you send to yourself in the future.

For each of these options you can create one of the following FUEL types through which the triggering events or mechanism will be activated:

  • FUEL by date: this is a FUEL that will arrive to the recipient on the date that you've set. Prior to this date, the message cannot be opened.

  • FUEL by event: it is a message to dedicate for specific and important occasions in the life of the recipient (such as, a marriage or a divorce or the birth of a child). The unblocking of the FUEL in this category will take place when the recipient declares on his/her profile to “live the event” for which you have dedicated the FUEL.

  • FUEL by emotion: this type of FUEL allows you to dedicate messages to your recipients when they will be in a specific emotional state. The unblocking of the FUELs in this category will take place when the recipient declares on his or her profile to be in that particular state.

How do I know if someone has dedicated me a FUEL?

For each FUEL destined for you, you will receive an email notification and a full list of all the FUELs that have been planned for you. It is at your disposal in the "FUEL Calendar", under "Incoming FUEL."

How can I see the FUELs that I sent?

A summary of all the FUELs that you have planned for the others can be seen in the "FUEL Calendar", under "Outgoing FUEL."

What does it mean that my profile will be unlocked?

After your death, your profile will become accessible to your related users: of course each one of them will be able to access to the contents that you have left and only and exclusively to those for which you have explicitly authorized access by that person.

You are always the only one that will decide who can see what, after your death.

How does it work the unlocking of my profile?

In Eternia you must have one or more "Trustees",that you will be asked to choose by selecting them among the people you are in relation with on Eternia and you have the utmost trust in.

When one of your trustees declares that you have passed away, several automatic controls will be made and in the end your profile will be "unlocked", therefore it will be accessible by your related users (always and only as provided by you in life).

What guarantees do I have that my profile will not be unlocked before my death?

Your profile will remain locked until the people you have chosen as trustees will declare your death. The warranty does not therefore depend on the system, but on the reliability of the people you have chosen. No one besides them will have the power to cause the release of your content and certain types of FUEL.

What happens if none of my trustees declares my death?

Eternia undertakes to carry out spot checks and occasionally through the city councils and authorities, but it is up to you to choose as your trustees reliable people, who have given you the guarantee to inform Eternia about your death.

What happens if a trustee fraudulently declares my death even if I am not dead?

We take into the utmost account the declaration of death from a trustee, and besides carrying out random checks, we have developed an automated system for detecting the statement of your trustee.

Should any evidence emerge that a trustee has fraudulently declared a user dead, Eternia will take action both within the site and in court.

Can I also dedicate contents to people not yet born or who are not 18 of age?

We are committed to giving even this possibility to, for example, a father or a mother who want to begin archiving or planning FUELs for his/her child still a minor or even not yet born.

Now it is possible to create a "temporary profile" on Eternia for a person that is not yet born or doesn’t have the minimum age to register: each user can create a "temporary profile" and establish a relationship with this person. To the user who created a profile of this type, the system will provide a personal code. The concerned person will come into possession of all the content dedicated to him/her by inserting the personal code that he/she will receive by the user who created the corresponding temporary profile.

How do you guarantee the delivery of my messages to people who are not yet born or that do not have the minimum age to register in Eternia?

In Eternia you can create a profile of a person who is not yet born or who has not reached the minimum age to join Eternia. To this person, when the time comes and when he/she has created an account on Eternia, you'll have to give a personal code that will allow him/her to absorb on his profile everything you have dedicated to him/her.

How can I create in the site the relations with the people I care about?

To create a relationship with the people with whom you intend to share messages and content, you can either:

  • search for a person who has already subscribed in Eternia, by entering his name, last name and possibly the date of birth;

  • invite someone who is not in Eternia to register by entering his or her email address.

How does it work the search of a person on the site?

With the module "Search or invite someone" you can search for a person that is already a member of Eternia.

You can search for a person by entering his /her first and last name. On the results page you can also indicate the date of birth to skim the results. In the case of homonymy you can recognize the person sought by the image that he/she uses in his/her profile and by the date of birth.

Once you have submitted the relation request, that person may accept or reject the request.

How do I invite someone who is not on Eternia?

You can invite a person, with whom you wish to have a relationship, to join Eternia.

Enter his/her email address in the form "Search or invite someone": you will be prompted to send him/her an invitation by email where you can also write your own message.

The person that will receive your invitation could accept to sign-up and then he/she will be asked to accept or reject your request of relationship.

Who is the trustee?

The trustee is a person that you trust and will have the role of communicating your departure.

After this statement, the unlocking procedure of your profile will be activated; by launching the sharing of materials that you have chosen to share and the FUELs (Future Elements) that you have planned.

In order to facilitate this unlocking operation of your profile you may want to indicate at least three trustees.

By what criteria should I choose my trustees?

We believe that confidence in the person is the first criterion to choose your trustees. The second is their proximity in your life. The third is the age criterion: if he/she is younger than you, there will be a greater chance that he/she may be your trustee.

Can I change my trustees?

Sure. From your profile you can access the profile of your trustees and change their role. Then you can choose other trustees.

How can I make someone my trustee?

You can appoint as a trustee only a person that is already related to you in Eternia.

If the person is not yet registered on Eternia, send him/her a request to join the site through the form "Search or invite someone."

If the person is already registered in Eternia, you first need to establish a relationship.

Once the person that you have chosen as your trustee will have subscribed and accepted your request of relationship, go to their profile page and click on the "Promote to witness."

Could a person refuse to be my trustee?

Yes, at any time as long as you are alive. It is a form of additional security, given the responsibility of the role.

Could a person choose to no longer be my trustee?

Yes, at any time as long as you are alive. From his/her profile he/she may refuse the task taken earlier, while you will receive a notification.

Can I change my trustee?

Yes, at any time as long as you are alive. You can go to his/her profile page and click "Remove as trustee." You can also access the area "My relationships", where you will see the list of people with whom you are in relation on Eternia. As for the trustees, you will also see a link that allows you to remove that person from the role of trustee.


Social function

Does Eternia have a social function as well?

Eternia is born from a project aimed at the social sphere: Eternia Project. To sum up Eternia Project is a reality that creates tools and computing solutions to enable man to:

  • remain forever through what he writes, lives and wishes;

  • continue his relationships with his loved ones beyond life;

  • act in the future;

  • constantly confront with himself, in a methodological path of construction and definition of his own identity;

  • fix the emotions he experiences every day and make them become something to read and share over time.

All this information obtained in the perspective of a social function, will never be sold to third parties, but will be transferred to entities qualified to treat them for research purposes aiming at improving the condition of mankind.

If you want to learn more about Eternia Project, visit www.eterniaproject.org.

How does Eternia fulfill a social function?

Eternia aims at collecting data of social relevance, in anonymous and aggregated form, to make it available to entitled nonprofit institutions which have the purpose of pure research and pursue the goal of understanding and improving the living conditions of humanity.

For this, Eternia also uses your responses, in anonymous and aggregate form, to the questions that occasionally appear in your profile.

To learn more about what we do with this data, visit www.eteniaproject.org.


Is my data safe?

Safety and reliability are essential for us. We take all necessary measures to protect your data, ensuring its integrity and confidentiality.

We use the same standards adopted by the banking systems. The security protocol HTTPS is used in all areas of the site which are password protected: this protocol of asymmetric encryption ensures private transfers of data on the web so as to prevent the fraud of the content that you transfer on our servers.

Your data (personal data and transferred content) reside exclusively in the databases and servers of Eternia, at the Data Center ITnet, located in Rome, in via di Tor Cervara. The Data Center systems are constantly monitored by qualified staff specialized in maintenance and surveillance. In addition, copies of backups are performed daily, stored on external devices.

At last, our staff do not have access to your data, unless you ask for assistance and expressly authorize us.


How can I contact you to give you feedback on the site?

Eternia is an ambitious project; we need your suggestions and encouragement. To submit your feedback, please use this contact page.

Where can I write to ask for information not found in this section?

If you have not found the answer to your question, write to us through this contact page.